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STOPP's investigative unit is available for all types of Criminal and Civil Investigations, Insurance Investigations, Corporate Theft & Fraud, Background Checks, (TSCM) Electronic Detection and Countermeasures, Process Service, Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Computer Surveillance and Investigative Accounting.


Our Security Officers are elite professionals skilled in handling your security needs in a calm, polite and professional manner. We offer a full range of armed and unarmed security services for Banks, Corporate, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Job Sites, Loss Prevention, Schools, Special Events, Theaters, Festivals, Fairs, Parks, Concerts and Security Consulting/Risk Assessment.

Bodyguards and Executive Protection

All Special Officers (Bodyguards) are carefully screened professionals who have been hand picked and extensively trained in-house to provide the very best in armed and unarmed protection. Security for the music, hospitality, entertainment, and film industries is a specialty.


STOPP's exclusive CCT Training was designed by internationally recognized martial arts experts, specifically for the professional Security Officer. It features the most effective unarmed and Kubotan assisted techniques, for defense and control of aggressive subjects. Designed for maximum effectiveness while causing minimal damage, CCT training is a must for any serious Security Officer or Executive Protection Operative.

Not only is this training part of STOPP's ongoing training curriculum, but we also offer it to any Security Officer or any company who wants their officers to enhance their present skills, have better control of potentially dangerous situations, and be less likely to end up using excessive force.

Training is broken down into three (3) phases. STOPP officers, having received our 15 hour basic self defense training (CCT Phase I), can move on to the next two phases of 30 hours each, which make up the entire 75 Hour CCT Program. Officers who have not received the basic course must take it as CCT Phase I before moving on to Phases II & III CCT Training.

About Us

Gary Bennett, MBA, P.I. - Investigative Accountant has over 35 years of advanced accounting experience across a wide spectrum of industries including internal and investigative auditing, audit trail development, control functions and infrastructure, cash management, specialized analysis and network security audits. In the corporate world Mr. Bennett has fulfilled all duties pertinent to both CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Controller. Mr. Bennett is also a master level Martial Arts Trainer with over 35 years in the arts, specializing in close-quarter defensive techniques & tactics, and a Certified Municipal Police Instructor.

Jack Buckley, P.I. - Executive Protection & Operations Manager is an internationally recognized Martial Arts Master Instructor, who has over 35 years experience in 14 different martial arts, holds Black Belt rank in 8 and is ranked in Okinawa as a ninth degree black belt. Hanshi Buckley is well known for having taught at many of the Pittsburgh area colleges and universities. Mr. Buckley is highly skilled in security team organization & management, crowd control and physical compliance techniques.

Jeff Widdowson, P.I. - Chief Investigator & Security Consultant is a professional investigator and retired police lieutenant with over 30 years of police and investigative experience. He has received extensive training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in areas as diverse as homicide investigation, organized crime, managing complex drug investigations, and basic hostage negotiations. Mr. Widdowson has served as a member of the Attorney General's Drug Task Force, has been recognized by the PA State Senate as an Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer and by FBI Director Louis Freeh for outstanding service to law enforcement. He has also worked as an investigator for ABC News and Good Morning America.

Together STOPP'S owners bring over 100 years of combined experience to the table, so we can provide the very best in high-end security and investigative services. Our goal is to be the best, hire the best and provide the most professional services in the industry.

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