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Business Investigations

We specialize in Corporate Theft, Fraud and Forensic Investigations, Background Investigations, Business and Personal Activity Inquiries, Due Diligence including SEC and FINRA Research, Criminal Records Searches and Asset Location. We also provide Video Surveillance and Performance Audits, and Bug Detection.

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Fraud Investigations

Embezzlement and employee theft can ruin a business. The main problem is that those in management seldom think about theft after putting policies in place, but those who want to steal from you think about it on average of seven (7) times a day. The criminal mind is always hard at work planning and scheming how to bypass controls and steal from you. Our Forensic Investigator has has over 35 years of advanced accounting experience across a wide spectrum of industries including internal and investigative auditing, audit trail development, control functions and infrastructure, cash management, specialized analysis and network security audits, has served in the roles of CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Controller and Network Systems Administrator and is a specialist in system and process improvement. He holds a Certificate in Forensic Investigation from the IICFIP (International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals).

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Civil Investigations

We can handle your most delicate personal cases including Divorce, Child Custody, Infidelity/Cheating Spouse, Skip Tracing, Locating Missing Persons, Lost Relatives, Birth Parents and Beneficiaries.

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Background Investigations

In today's society, simple criminal background checks are not sufficient.

A professional service is the only effective and comprehensive way to process a background investigation. They can perform the service without bias in an accurate and efficient manner and a broad – and legal – investigation can only be performed by a licensed firm. There are a dozen marginal services on the internet that claim to be the best way to find information, but none can hold a candle to the tools and in-depth information available to a licensed investigator.

There is a wide range of information that we can access for comprehensive background investigations, including:
- Arrests
- Convictions
- Court Records (Civil, Criminal & Traffic)
- Workers’ Compensation Claims
- Tax Fraud
- Bankruptcies
- School Records
- Military Service
- Liens &, Judgments
- Former Employment
- Former Addresses
- Social Media Activity
- Phone Numbers
- Email Accounts
- Professional Licenses
- Assets
- UCC, SEC & FINRA records
- Known Associates
- Possible Associates
- Activities
- Lifestyle
- Fraternal Memberships, and more...

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Covert Video Surveillance & Performance Audits

Video Performance Audits are a valuable business tool for monitoring customer service, employee performance, honesty, adherence to company policy, as well as, an aid in loss prevention. With today's social networks, one bad experience (customer service, security, meal, rental, repair, etc) can literally cost you hundreds of prospective clients. One rude or dishonest employee can cost you thousands of dollars in revenue.

Video Surveillance records the interaction with your staff and can be used not only as a teaching tool, but also to reward good customer service and to spot problems with safety, sanitation, building maintenance and security.

This type of service should only be done by a Licensed Private Investigation agency and only with the informed consent of your employees that they may be subject to videotaping and/or recording while on your premises. Nevada for example, mandates that only licensed private investigators or their registered employees, can do Covert Video Surveillance of any kind. The biggest advantage to using a P.I. firm is professionalism. You are guaranteed to get an agent that is impartial and accustomed to paying attention to fine detail.

Some businesses that use this type service are:
- Banks
- Department Stores
- Convenience Stores
- Security Contractors
- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Car Dealers
- Car Rental Agencies
- Personal Care Facilities
- Apartment Complexes
- New Home Builders
- Fitness Centers
- Health Services
- Automotive Repair Shops
- Bars & Nightclubs
- Entertainment Venues
- Sports Facilities
...virtually anywhere that involves interaction with the public and/or handling of cash by employees.

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GPS Tracking/Electronic Surveillance

Track your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or even your child with our mobile GPS tracking service. Our tracker provides detailed information on travel, stops, speed, etc. and can be used to provide an instant location with as little as 5 second updates. Trackers cannot be used in Pennsylvania on vehicles, etc. that do not belong to you.