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Security Officer Certification

STOPP's exclusive CCT (Control & Compliance Tactics)Training was designed and certified by internationally recognized self-defense experts, specifically for the Police Officer, Security Officer or Executive Protection Agent. It features the most effective unarmed techniques ever developed, for defense and control of aggressive subjects.

Our training classes are held at our Pittsburgh, PA Facility. Here we can provide active shooter response, self defense, handcuffing, baton, pressure point manipulation, joint locks, control & compliance techniques, Kubotan, crowd control, multiple attacker defense, escape and control, weapon disarms and defense (gun, knife, and club). We are also looking into pepper spray & mace. Our expert hand-to-hand instructors have over 35 years of teaching experience each and have taught personnel from local police, state police, 101st and 82nd airborne, and members of military intelligence.

On-site Training of Your Security Staff

We understand that many businesses desire security but have no room in their budget to hire a professional security team for their place of business or worship or would just prefer to work strictly with people on their own team. Whether it is a commercial building, retail store, church, synagog, hotel, movie theater, club, entertainment venue or any other facility, we can come to you and provide your staff with classes in basic self-defense techniques, security procedures, use of force, proper arrest procedures, handcuffing, detaining of suspects, dealing with aggressive patrons, establishing probable cause for making a shoplifting stop, proper approaches when dealing with shoplifters, screening of customers, etc. To discuss your needs, call 888-305-1412.

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